Your Session Bassist
Need pro bass guitar tracks for your demo, CD or jingle? You're a click away!

Maryland Bass Lessons
Wanna study bass with me? Get all the info here.

Baltimore Guitar Lessons
Need guitar lessons? My buddy Scott Spivey does it all.

Drum Lessons with Chris Mack
Wanna learn drums? Study with a seasoned pro who gigs nationally. He's the real deal.

Drum Lessons with Larry Rodbell
If you're in the Annapolis area, Larry is the go-to guy. Another seasoned pro.

Forrester Kustoms
Expert, full-service luthier. Mike handles all my setups and repairs.

Vintage Tone Project
Makers of my custom effects pedals. Thanks to Robert Rush for his work on my pedals!

Drew Mazurek
Producer/Engineer - Battery Apple, Nothingface, Margret Heater, Gwar, Spine, Fu Manchu and more...

Learn To Sing
Yet another Berklee bud, Ava Tracht-Landman is an acclaimed vocalist and instructor who has worked with Enrique Iglesias among others. She now offers a cool instructional CD, perfect for bass players looking to hone their vocal skills or anyone who is serious about taking their singing to the next level.
Need to sell your CDs online or via 800# ? CDBaby is your one-stop source for all things band commerce related. CEO Derek Sivers is a fellow Berklee dude and all-around cool mofo.

Kewl Stuff:

Great resources for drummers! Features Steve Kilgallon's custom, wearable drum keys. It's also the web site for the instructional CD series "Turn It Up And Lay It Down", featuring...yours truly.

If you were a skater in the 70's or 80's, this is the place to talk about old Kryps, Trackers, Fibreflex, Skateboarder magazine or anything else from skateboarding's golden era.

Rich Grimmel

Rich's site is a must-see for Ravens and (Baltimore) Colts fans. Among other things, he's got a chronological photo essay of the destruction of Memorial Stadium. Rich is also a neato-keen individual and purveyor of fine home furnishings. Rich Grimmel. The other white guy.

A one-stop-shopping source of kewl stuff for the consummate bass-geek.

The best place on the net bass.

A great source of knowledge for independent musicians.
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Ben Sherman
Everything you could want in a guitar player. A true guitar hero.

Marc Norgaard
Multi-talented drummer/composer. His debut CD Tolerance features Frank Gambale, Brett Garsed and yours truly.

Kajun Kelley
Uber-talented guitarist/singer. Depending on the show, I play either bass or drums with him. Another consummate guitar hero.

Oblivion Sun
A great prog band I played and recorded with from 2005-09.

Formerly the voice of Yellow #5, the band Clarissa's Free To Be CD features yours truly.

Matthew Davidson

Matthew is a composer living in Boston who heads up a project called Archetribe. I contributed bass and baritone guitar to his CD Earthtones, which also features Peter Gabriel/Tony Levin keysman Larry Fast. See News for more info on this CD. In his spare time, Matthew owns and operates a post-production studio and works as the chief software designer for Mark Of The Unicorn. If you own Digital Performer, you're using Matthew's baby.

Bobby Borg

Another Berklee bud, Bobby has played drums and recorded with Warrant, Beggars And Thieves and numerous others. He has written several drum instructional books and has recently completed The Musician's Handbook, an all-inclusive survival guide for this wacky business we've chosen. Lots of cool info at his site.

Tiffany Sinclair

Tiffany is an up and coming actress based out of NYC who has appeared in some really cool B movies and some feature films as well. Need a leading lady for your band's video? Check out Tiffany...