1991 Gibson Thunderbird. Behold The Holy Grail! This was my main bass in the beginning of Battery Apple and she also logged over 200 Dixon Hall gigs until she started getting too ding'd up and I started buying Alembics to more evenly distribute the wear and tear (that oughta give you an idea how much I love this bass!). After a while though, she started calling my name so she became my main bass with Flavia Canel. Now she's back in active duty as my #1 bass in both Rebel Amish Radio and Kirk's Money Brothas.

This bass can do it all! With both pickups full-on, it's got that famous T-bird growl. Back off the neck p/u and you get a great jazz tone that almost sounds fretless at times. Believe it or not, this is one of the best slap basses I've ever played. I learned to slap on this bass and it's spoiled me ever since!

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