I will transcribe the song(s) of your choice from a tape, CD or mp3 and create a Lead Sheet based on your specifications. In the event that you need something a little more detailed than a Lead Sheet, I can also transcribe individual parts (bass line, guitar parts, horns, keys, backup vocals, hammered dulcimer solo, etc.) and add those parts to the score.

Your finished score will be neat, professional and accurate; ready to be copied and distributed as needed.

                                                   Description of Services and Rates:

  I. Lead Sheets
  (Transcribing chords, melody and lyrics from a tape, CD or mp3)

  Rate: $0.60/measure

  Add addt'l instruments to your lead sheet at $0.50/measure

  II. Instrument Transcription
  (Transcribing specific instrument's parts - i.e.  a bass line, guitar solo, etc.
   Available as standard notation or tablature.)

  Rate: $0.60/measure

  III. Copyist Work
  (Copying specific instrument's parts from an exisiting score or arrangement onto their own

   Rate: $0.50/measure
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