Wes McDonough Band - "The Fear"
Wes McDonough Band - "Count Me Out"
Wes McDonough Band - "Loathe"
2006 Promo Video
Oblivion Sun - "Chapter 7.1"
Dave DeMarco Band performing "Cheap Sunglasses"

Oblivion Sun: NJ Proghouse encore improv - 2008

VOLT ink. Release Party at Harry Grove Stadium from Clubhill Media on Vimeo.

Volt Ink Release Party @ Harry Grove Stadium (Regal Beagles)
"Mind Baby/She's A Dancer"
Dave DeMarco Band - "Radar Love", Aug 2012
Crack The Sky - Ram's Head Live, March 2012
"White Music"/"Hold On"
"Nuclear Apathy"
Crack The Sky - Ram's Head Live, April 2011
"Skin Deep"
"Nuclear Apathy"
Mountain Mirrors - "Dead River Co." (music video)